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If you have ever wanted to design a model railroad sooner or later you will have to delve into the exciting world of model railroad scenery techniques.

Model railroad scenery is what makes the scenes as well as your whole model railroad come alive. Instead of just having a track with a train going around and around in an oval or a circle, we can take ourselves, family and friends on an exciting trip for it allows us all to explore and visit places in 3D that in reality we may never visit.

Model railroad scenery is the sum of everything, not only the above but how it all fits together.

Never skip the details thinking that you will add them in later because you never will!

We could take an exciting trip wandering around snow capped mountains with valleys of green fields and blue lakes or we could journey through a coastal setting, passing fishing villages and towns along the way.

However we can also use model railroad scenery to travel through time to a bygone era of the wild west or the coal mining era or visit lumber mills of over a century ago and watch as our trains meander through mountains and visit mining towns or meander through forests and timber towns.

By using model railroad scenery we can also use it as an education, to teach our grandchildren what our town was like when we were young, by creating the town of our childhood.

We can also use our model railroad layout as an escape from reality. If you live in a busy city and have a fast pased life, you might want to design your layout to reflect the countryside. If you live in the country, a dramatic city layout might appeal to you.

We are only limited by our imagination and what we can see in the world around us.

Regardless of where you in the world you are from, you can explore this site to learn more about model railroad scenery techniques for your model railroad.

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